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Get a Simple System to Reset Your Body in 4 Weeks with ZERO Food Quantity Restriction and NO Calorie Counting

Get a Simple System to Reset Your Body in 4 Weeks with ZERO Food Quantity Restriction and NO Calorie Counting

Discover How to Support Your Body and Amplify its Natural Detox Systems to Achieve Optimal Health
“_____ is just part of getting older.” ← Have you heard this one before?
Not anymore. 
Maybe it’s what your mother says when you comment on your flabby midsection and unexplainable weight gain while the two of you watch your kids and catch up over a cup of tea.
Or what you say to yourself when you go to the break room for your 3pm cup of coffee so you can boost your energy enough to get through the end of your workday, make it home to cook, and be awake enough to spend time with your family.
It may even be what an M.D. has said after you complain about chronic digestive issues during a record-short annual visit. No tests or labs are run (or if there was blood work done, you were likely told they were "normal"). Instead, he write a new pharmaceutical prescription before he leaves for the next room.
If there's ONE thing we want to shout from the rooftops, it's this... health challenges are NOT the result of just "getting older."
The truth is... our bodies are surrounded and inundated with toxins daily. Toxins are in drinking water and soil. They leak into the food we grow and ultimately eat. Glyphosates, the chemical used in RoundUp, have penetrated our entire food industry. Toxins are also present in the air, leak from compounds used to make furniture and stain-resistant coatings on fabrics, and are even in the non-stick coatings on your pans.
TOXINS are a root cause for many of the common health challenges we face as we age.

The body has the innate ability to fight off toxins, but it can get overloaded, and overworked. As a result, toxins build up over time, resulting in symptoms like:

  • Low Energy

  • Brain Fog

  • ​Excess Weight

  • Digestive Problems

  • Autoimmunity

  • Skin issues

  • ​Food intolerances / allergies

  • Fertility issues

If you combat your toxic exposure, then it is possible to reduce your symptoms dramatically and optimize your health. 

However, you may be wondering… If toxins are everywhere, what can I do to fight them?

The BEST strategy to combat toxins and optimize health is performing a food-based detox every 90 days.

The BEST strategy to combat toxins and optimize health is performing a food-based detox every 90 days.

We’re not talking about a “detox” where you starve yourself or where you can only “eat” broth or juice for a week. NO WAY. Those “detox” programs are not scientifically based programs. They are fads.
The type of detox we recommend is a comprehensive, physician-led detox that involves REAL FOOD, zero quantity restrictions or calorie counting, and superior, professional-grade supplements. A detox that supports the body’s natural Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 detoxification processes. This type of detox can lead to…
A future where you wake up well-rested. No longer feeling chained to coffee. In fact, maybe not even drinking coffee anymore, and STILL maintaining excellent energy levels all day.
When it comes to food… It’s like something has shifted inside where you actually crave healthy food! And the gas, bloating, or other digestive issues that used to be a regular occurrence are GONE! (yes, a detox CAN heal the gut).
And as if that wasn’t enough… Our clients often tell us that they’ve released that extra 15lbs they’d been carrying the last 5 years and haven’t gained it back.
These results align with what we’ve seen 500+ clients experience during a simple, food-based, no-restriction, 4-week detox paired with professional pharmaceutical-grade supplement support.
Hi! We’re Dr. Nashat & Dr. Christina, 2 MDs who became frustrated with the allopathic medicine approach to optimizing health.
Allopathic medicine is incredible for dealing with acute issues, like a broken leg or fixing you up after a car accident. Dr. Nashat should know. She works in the E.R.!
But as we continued to practice medicine, we realized the allopathic approach had some significant shortcomings when it came to optimizing health and feeling good long term.
Reimagined Health 4 Week Detox
MD-led detox.  Try it... the only thing you'll lose is the weight!
Dr. Nashat Framed
20+ years of clinical experience as a Board Certified Emergency Physician and is one of only 960 Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Physicians in the world. She’s certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and has specialty training in hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, and natural fertility. 
Dr. Latib believes that a personalized approach that combines the power of epigenetics, lifestyle, and nutrition is the secret to achieving optimal health and aging vibrantly.
Dr. Nashat - Co-Founder of Reimagined Health
Dr. Christina
25 + years of clinical experience as an Internal Medicine Board Certified Physician and is also one of the 960 Institute of Medicine Certified Physicians in the world. Dr. Christina worked in Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care for 20 years before combining her allopathic medical skills with her functional medicine training in order optimize health & treat chronic illness and undiagnosed symptoms. In her current functional medicine practice, Dr. Christina focuses on true 'health care' instead of 'sick care', specializing in treating gastrointestinal, hormonal, and autoimmune issues as well as treating couples with infertility.
Dr. Christina - Co-Founder of Reimagined Health
Getting healthy shouldn’t be just about treating the disease with a pharmaceutical. Creating optimal health requires treating the root causes in the body that led to the development of the disease in the first place (this is the approach Functional Medicine takes).
This is what led us to find and get the highest level of certification possible in Functional Medicine - all before we met each other!
Today we have joined forces as 2 of less than 1000 M.D.s in the world trained in Functional Medicine and a combined 40+ years of clinical experience to help YOU optimize your health.
We bring you a scientifically-backed Reimagined Health 4-Week Detox Program with our exclusive Reimagined Health professional-grade supplements to support your body in clearing out toxins. Keep reading to get started!
Reimagined Health Detox
Here's what you're really getting...

Discover a simple, non-restrictive system that detoxes the body and optimizes health. In just 4 short weeks, our Reimagined Health Detox clients experienced results like:

  • No more chronic pain after dealing with arthritis for 4 years.

  •  Waking up without an alarm and feeling energized and clear-minded.

  •  Feeling calmer and able to think clearly.

  •  No more bloating or gas after struggling for 10+ years.

  • ​Going from being unable to pass by a chocolate bar without eating it to no more sweet cravings.

  • ​Reduced or reversed recurring headaches.

  • ​Weight loss between 7-18 pounds even after “trying everything and nothing works!”

You'd actually be crazy not to 😉
Are you ready to optimize your health and start feeling BETTER in 4 weeks (or less)?
Here’s How the Reimagined Health Detox Works:
WEEK 1: Detox Foundations
Get an in-depth understanding of toxins in our modern world and how to reduce your toxic load and support your body with detoxification.
Our proprietary Toxic Burden Assessment will help you understand your baseline toxic load and their sources. You will start preparing your body for detox through your diet and cleaning your external environment.
WEEK 2: Mind, Body, and Life Detox
Get clear on the connection between symptoms and toxins. We will help you understand how to adopt detoxing strategies to optimize your health.
We give you our Whole Body Detox Guide along with other invaluable resources to help you detox your sleep, habits, and your mind. 
This is also the week you start using our Reimagined Health Detox Kit supplement protocol.
WEEK 3: Detox as a Lifestyle
Discover a new perspective on how to show up as your best self in the world and uncover which strengths you already possess - this is the KEY to creating lasting habit change.
Plus, we give you advanced training on food including how to view food as a tool for ongoing detox and choose the best mix of fruits and veggies for your optimal health. 
WEEK 4: Living Optimized
We deep-dive into your body’s composition and the clues it is telling us about your internal biochemistry. 
You’ll also get an understanding of the role modern stress plays on our toxic burden and walk away with simple, tangible strategies to reduce the impact of stress in your life.
Lose the weight & get healthy, the right way
What’s Included Inside the Reimagined Health Detox:
4 LIVE Group Training Calls hosted by Dr. Nashat and/or Dr. Christina: 

Join us every week of your detox to get fresh, topical training from us and open Q&A to get your questions answered. (Value $4000)

On-Demand Access to the Reimagined Health Detox Online Portal:
14+ Video Trainings and 10+ Worksheets and Resources designed by Dr. Nashat and Dr. Christina to walk you through this process in simple, understandable, and practical ways. We firmly believe in giving you the tools to improve your health, and this portal will allow you to do that. (Value $1200)
Access to Future Updates in the Reimagined Health Detox Online Portal:
Anytime we update the course videos or materials, you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest. (Value $100)
1 Reimagined Health Detox Kit Shipped Directly to You:
Professional-Grade supplements you will use starting Week 2 of your program. This set was hand-selected by us to support your body during detox and amplify your results. This will replace 28 of your meals over the course of your program (Value $420)
Access to our exclusive Reimagined Health App: 
Take your Detox plan on the go on your iPhone or Android device. You’ll have access to a library of meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and the ability to track your personal metrics. You’ll also get daily SMS messages with reminders and words of encouragement from us! (Value $250)
Access to the Private Reimagined Health Client Facebook Group
Experience the synergy of being a part of a community of like-minded people with the common goal of optimizing health. Come to the group to get recipe recommendations and tips from your peers to make following the program easier. We are always surprised by some of the creative ways our clients implement the program! (Value $350)

Think about it… the average cost of a visit to a Functional Medicine Doctor is $500, and that doesn’t include additional lab testing (easily $500+) and your supplements (usually a minimum of $250 on a first visit). You’re looking at $1250+ all-in for a single visit. 

In the Reimagined Health Detox, you get 4 WEEKS of access to not 1 but 2 Medical Doctors with the highest level of Functional Medicine training to walk you through every single step. AND we send the supplements to your door. Why wait? Secure your spot now!

More on Your Supplements… Reimagined Health Detox Kit

Your Enrollment INCLUDES your supplements. 

Here’s exactly what you get in your physician-curated set of professional pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

Detox Kit List
  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Soy Free

  • Non-GMO

The Reimagined Health Detox Kit is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification during Week 2 & Week 3 of the program.

Everything is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that individuals on the program do not miss any necessary nutrients.
What’s inside:
  • 28 – single-serving VegeDetox Functional Food Powder™

  • 28 – capsule packets containing:

  • ➢ 3 - Amino Boost capsule

  • ➢ 1 - Opti Detox capsule

Each of these supplements purchased separately would be $420, but not for you! When you register for the Reimagined Health Detox, your Kit is included and will be mailed directly to your door. (Clients in North America ONLY)

See Client Success Stories with the Reimagined Health Detox...

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Join over 500 happy clients when you register for the Reimagined Health Detox...


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the Reimagined Health Detox after you complete the program, you can join the live coaching calls for our next round of the detox at no extra charge.

Toxins are all around us, and although our modern lifestyle is full of conveniences, we also have to be mindful of all the toxic burdens being placed on our bodies too.

The ONLY proven way to detox your body is by supporting your body’s own built-in detox systems, and that is exactly what we have designed the Reimagined Health Detox program to do.

Will you join us?


Make 2024 Your Year of Optimized Health!

Don't miss out on this life-changing chance, kicking off soon...

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